Company Structure

The company's staff currently numbers 110 members, including engineers, technicians, labor force drivers and clerks. As a team, they efficiently handle the manufacturing, sales and administrative operations of Elysee Irrigation.

The Plant itself comprise of three divisors:


Fittings Division


Focusing on the production of pipe fittings and irrigation accessories the Fitting Division manufactures over 1000 items in different sizes and for diverse applications, made of the most suitable raw materials in each case, from polypropylene to polyacetal and nylon.

Pipes Division


The division manufactures PVC and PE pipes with a diameter range of 5-315 mm, suitable for a wide range of practical applications.

Quality Assurance Division


The Quality Assurance Division is dedicated to implementing, sustaining and improving the quality at every level of production, from the raw material through to the finished product.

With the aid of sophisticated equipment and apparatus, we can verify that the final products do in fact conform to national and international standards.